Expanding Horizons

Meet The Therapist

Matthew North headshot

Hello! My name is Matthew North, MT-BC. I am the owner and founder of Expanding Horizons Music Therapy.

I graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor's in Music Therapy and completed my 1200-hour clinical internship at a private practice in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Expanding Horizons was established here on Maui in August 2021.

I follow a humanistic and client-centered therapeutic philosophy. This emphasizes the value of the individual and their strengths, rather than focusing on a person's behaviors, challenges, or weaknesses. Building on your strengths can help you reach your goals while emphasizing positivity and wellness.

I also highly value the Neurodiversity Movement, social justice, and anti-oppressive practices. This makes for more inclusive, constructive, and safe therapeutic spaces. If you would like to learn more about these topics I would be happy to discuss them or share resources with you!

Expanding Horizons MT strives to offer high-quality music therapy services to people of all ages and abilities in order to reach their fullest potential by improving quality of life and improving mental and physical wellness.

We would love to hear from you!

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